Fariman Poultry Integration


Fariman Poultry Integration (brand name “parhanai”) founded in 1971 and with nearly half a century of experience, is a leading integrated poultry farming company based in Mashhad, Iran. Fariman Poultry Integration grows steadily with sustainable farming, proper bio-security measures, modern technology infrastructures in addition to devoted and committed management team to strive for operational excellence. Our belief is to keep the society healthy by providing the best protein nutrition which promoted us to constantly innovate and implement the best technology for producing a broad range of protein rich products, synonymous with quality. Evolution is our key philosophy which is visible in our massive expansion, increasing employment creation and growing care for the society.

Parts of Fariman Poultry Integration

Broiler Breeder

 4 units of breeder farm with a production capacity of 149,000 birds, of which 2 farms with a capacity of 75,000 birds are located in Fareeman city and 2 farms with a capacity of 74,000 birds are located in Beidokht city. Most of our breeder farms are closed-house with proper ventilation, well temperature-controlled as well as automated feeding and drinking system.


This unit, equipped with Jamesway and PeterSime machines and with the yearly capacity of 24 million fertilized eggs, is located in Tappe-Salam. Hygienic equipment conditions are conserved in this unit. Equipment and team training are continually reexamined as an even process to keep superiority. Best classified hatching eggs are selected and delivered into our digital incubators and hatchers.

Poultry Feed Factory

with a production capacity of 35 tons per hour for broiler breeder, broiler and layers, poultry feed factory operates in the area of 4016 square meters in Nishabour. It manufactures the best quality poultry feed through careful selections of raw materials, customized formulations, modern automated facilities and clean environment in compliance with the highest industry standards and regulations.

Broiler Farms

In order to complete the production chain, the company has started 30 broiler units in the cities of Mashhad, Fareeman, Torbat-Jam and Torgabeh. The broilers are raised in clean and hygienic environmentally controlled houses, equipped with automated systems for supplying feed and water to the birds. Pure water and nutritious are given to the birds for good health and lower disease risk. For keeping them disease-free, the broiler chicks are vaccinated and their health status is frequently monitored by veterinary experts.


This industrial unit with a capacity of 4000 pieces per hour is spread over 10 hectare of land and is located at the beginning of the Mashhad-Nishabour road. It also has 2 freezing tunnels with a capacity of 20 tons, 2 storage halls with a capacity of 400 tons, and a chicken cutting hall with a capacity of 20 tons.

Parhanai chain stores

In order to complete supply chain and customer’s convenience and satisfaction, this company has 8 retail stores and distributes fresh chicken in Mashhad city and surrounding cities.


With the aim of protein diversification, a laying hen farm with a capacity of 70,000 pieces has been added to the production chain, and it is expected that we will see more development in this sector in the near future.

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